Friday, May 25, 2012


Cook and Van Osdel (two of our suite-style residence halls) will be set up as five-person super-suites (instead of four-person suites). That means that rather than having two rooms of two people sharing a central bathroom, we will have five people sharing a two-room suite. How does that work? Remarkably well! As a “super-suite,” all five beds are in one room, creating a quieter place to rest. The desk furniture is in the other room (connected by a bathroom), providing a great place to study. And...our lounges in each residence hall provide a fantastic place to hang out with friends.

Please use this link to look at the suite configuration options: Layout Options (or view the PDF file: 5 person suite configuration options)

Also notice the Frequently Asked Question tab above to answer some of the common questions people have been asking.

And finally, if you decide that you want to make a change to your initial housing preference, please use the form the Revised Housing Preference Form tab above. If you don't want to make a change, that's ok... feel free to browse the pictures and FAQ's anyway.